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Suitable for all ages

With BBQ Buoys, it's on for young and old and we love seeing people of all ages on board! Children aged 12 and under (including infants) must wear the provided life jacket at all times while on board, and we have suitable life jackets for everyone else tucked away on the Buoy. To hire a Buoy you must be 21 years old, it's an insurance thing.



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General FAQs

Safety for children and adults

I am pregnant - Is this safe for me?

Yes, we provide life jackets and our boats are quite stable. We are not aware of any motion sickness cases and we’ve had plenty of pregnant women on board. Come and enjoy!

Check this out: One of the ladies on board was pregnant while on board.

What do we do if there is an emergency on the BBQ Buoy?

By this we mean real emergency, not running out of pinot noir. We will give you the most current instructions during your safety briefing. You should always provide first-aid where you can, call emergency authorities on 000 and await further instructions.

How old do I have to be to hire a BBQ Buoy?

You must be at least 21 years old to hire a BBQ Buoys. It’s an insurance thing.

What is the youngest age I can book a BBQ Buoys Birthday Party for?

There is no minimum age to celebrate someone’s birthday. However if you are planning a birthday party with more than 5 children on board, they need to be at least 6 years old and there must be 1 adult for every 3 children on board.

Can I bring children on board?

Absolutely, but we do have some rules to keep everyone safe. There must be 1 adult for each 3 children and every child under 12 MUST wear the lifejacket provided. Babies are welcome and we provide life jackets for them too. There is NO age restriction to come on board. Infants under 12 months don’t count as passengers as they will be travelling on the parent’s lap and no maxi cosi or other child seats are allowed for safety reasons.

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes, we provide life jackets for adults and children and babies. Children under 12 MUST wear a lifejacket at all times.

Will we be safe on the water?

Yes. We routinely check each Buoy before it goes out for each cruise and provide fire extinguishers and blankets, as well as life jackets and a life ring. BBQ Buoys operate safely in over 40 countries.

Food and drinks

Do you supply food?

While you’re welcome to bring your own food, for an extra charge we can supply amazing Cheese and Meat grazing platters, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. There is strictly no BYO drinks except for water, juice and coffee/tea.


We’re sorry but you cannot bring alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on board, it’s a condition of our liquor licence. We offer some great drinks deals though so check out our website. If it makes you feel any better, you can bring your own food.

Do you supply alcohol?

Yes, we do. The provision of alcohol is limited under our liquor licence (3 standard drinks per person/hour). Alcohol must be purchased through BBQ Buoys and you must not BYO. The skipper must not exceed the legal limit of 0.05 BAC. All other passengers can drink moderately. Please read the terms and conditions.


The skipper is responsible for the safety of all passengers on board and must not excess the legal limit of alcohol consumption.

Products and services

What if my group is larger than 10p (like 11, 12, 13....or 38p)?

If you have more than 10 people who want to cruise together, we recommend you consider hiring a second, third or even fourth boat. We have 2 boat types: 3x Big Buoy’s (seats 10 people) and 1x Little Buoy (seats 8 people). The legal maximum mentioned is not extendendable. Please note: babies under 12 months don’t count as passengers but anyone over 12 months does. Please contact us if you plan to hire 2 or more boats in the same time slot.

Do BBQ Buoys have music?

Yes, there’s no party without tunes. We provide you with a Bluetooth speaker free of charge. Feel free to play music on your own device but please respect the people enjoying the Torrens around you and keep it to a moderate noise level.

Do you have eskies available?

Yes, we provide you with an esky free of charge.

Is the BBQ grill included in the basic booking?

During the booking process we will ask you to select your preferred (FREE) centre module: Gas BBQ or table are available and included in the booking fee.

How many passengers fit on a BBQ Buoy?

Our Buoys have a legal max of 10 people (not 11, 12, or 13 even though there might be some children on board and your group is slim enough to fit more). The only exception applies for babies under 12 months. They travel on their parents’ lap and don’t count as individual passengers.

We have 2 types: 3x Big Buoy’s (seats 10 people) and 1x Little Buoy (seats 8 people). We choose the best BBQ Buoy for you depending on the size of your group and your selected package.

Booking and cancellation

COVID-19 What happens to my booking?


Fortunately, current Government measures have no impact on our ability to offer cruises for up to 10p on board (please note, social distancing m2 rules don’t apply for groups of up to 10p on the same table/boat). 

If restrictions change in the future we will be in touch with you as soon as possible via social media and if you have a booking with us then via direct mail. 

Stay safe! 

What is Flexi Option (formlery known as Good Weather Guarantee)?

Flexi Option:

  1. Cancellation: Cancel up to 14 days (30 days standard) before your cruise day to receive 100% refund
  2. Reschedule: Reschedule your cruise up to 1 day (14 days standard) before your cruise so there’s no more stress about unexpected changes
  3. Unsafe operating conditions*/**/***: If it’s unsafe to operate on the cruise day you can choose to a) reschedule within 1 year (standard 6 months) or b) cancel your order and receive 100% (50% standard) refund of your hire fee + 100% refund for pre-ordered drinks

*BAD weather/unsafe to operate: e.g. strong wind, heavy rain, thunderstorm, temperatures +38°C. **GOOD weather: all other conditions: e.g. light rain with low wind speed are acceptable, so are temperatures <38°C. ***Decisions based on weather forecast 1 day before functions date. We’ll contact you if needed!

This extra must be booked within 24hrs of creating the order and can’t be added after that.

What happens if it's bad weather on my booking day?

Bad weather is no fun for anyone, so we will only operate the vessels if it is safe to do so according to weather conditions and the Adelaide City Council*. If we are forced to cancel your session you will have the option to reschedule your trip to an available slot in the same price category within the next 6 months (12 months if you have booked the Flexi Option) and according to our Terms and Conditions. Alternatively you may cancel the booking from your side and receive a 50% (100% if you have booked the Flexi Option) refund for the hire fee. All pre-ordered drinks are 100% refundable in any case.

For a small extra fee you can book our “Flexi Option” to receive 100% refund in bad weather cancellation situations and to have more freedom to reschedule up to 1 day before your initial cruise date.

Our main (but not only) source to decide potential closure of the station is the weather forecast for Adelaide on the Website of the Bureau of Meteorology. We will assess factors such as temperature, rain, wind, thunderstorm risk etc. We consider temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius as bad weather to allow you select between above listed options. We make all weather related decisions one day before the scheduled cruise and contact you if we need to reschedule or take any other action.

*Occasions arise when the Adelaide City Council or other Governmental bodies close the River Torrens even with short to no notice.

Can I bring my BBQ Buoy back early?

You may return your BBQ Buoy whenever you like during your allocated time; however there will be no refund for an early return.

What happens if I'm late bringing my BBQ Buoy back?

Apart from facing the grouchy looks of the next customer, you will be charged $50 per 15 minutes over time as written in the terms and conditions. We will take it from your deposit.

Can I extend my booking?

If you don’t want the good times to end and there is no booking immediately after you, we will try our best. However, all extensions are subject to availability and at the discretion of BBQ Buoys crew.

What time should I arrive for my booking?

15 minutes early please. You will need 15 minutes prior to departure for your safety briefing and driver’s assessment. If you do not pre-order drinks and you prefer to purchase them on the day, please allow a few extra minutes for the purchase process. Please note that ordering drinks on the day may cause delay and reduce your cruise time.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, you do. A deposit of $100 will be charged at day of travel. If you bring our Buoys back to us on time and in agreed conditions, your deposit will be returned within 24 hours. Please read the terms and conditions, it’s important.

How do I book a BBQ Buoy?

The easiest way is to book online. For customised bookings, you can email us or call us between 10am to 6pm.

Boat licence

Do I need boating experience?

No. This can be your first time as a skipper. BBQ Buoys are easy to navigate and we give you a full briefing with tips and tricks for a safe trip before you take charge. You will need a full car driver’s license and bring it on the cruise date.

Do I need a boat licence?

No boating licence required, but you do need a full car licence and you must be at least 21 years old. Please present your driver’s licence on the cruise date.

Practical Stuff

Can I go swimming from the BBQ Buoy?

No, that is a terrible idea. Swimming in this section of the River Torrens is strictly prohibited.

Can I feed the animals and birds along the way?

No, feeding animals and birds on the water and on shore at Pinky Flat is strictly prohibited.

Can I go fishing from the BBQ Buoy?

No, bad idea. Fishing in this section of the River Torrens is strictly prohibited.

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, no. You can see how tricky that would get. No pets not allowed on board.

Do I have to clean the BBQ Buoy?

Yes, you do. You must leave your BBQ Buoy in a clean state. Spare a thought for the next group who won’t want to sit on your crusty chip packets. We do provide you with rubbish bags to keep things tidy along the way.

What do I need to bring?

It’s up to you. We can provide you with almost everything you need. Esky, ice, drinks, bluetooth speakers, cutlery, tongs, plates, cups, napkins and a rubbish bag. All you need to do is bring your crew. If you book the BBQ grill you will need to bring your meat, salad and liquid oil for the plates (no spray please). Do you prefer full service? Check our amazing cheese and meat grazers.

How far can we take our BBQ Buoy?

You can take your BBQ Buoy along the River Torrens from the Torrens Weir to the Frome Road Bridge. Collection and return is at Pinky Flat, off of War Memorial Drive unless otherwise stated in your booking confirmation. After sunset, the operating area is limited to the river section between King William Street bridge and Weir. On event days such as NYE or Australia Day start/finish location may vary too! Please check our product descriptions for more info.



How do I book a BBQ Buoy?

The easiest way is to book online. For customised bookings, you can email us or call us between 10am to 6pm.




  • Wedding Anniversary Celebration

    “Would highly recommend!!
    Was SO much fun and they make sure you fully understand everything before you board.
    We chose to do the 7pm and it was absolutely beautiful getting sunset whilst onboard.
    Amazing experience! Amazing company!
    Great way to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.”

    Casey Lewis
    Adelaide Australia

  • Must do in Adelaide. So much fun.

    “My wife and I saw this earlier in the year and thought that we would like to try it when we return
    We book it in as we returned in November. We booked the two person with the BBQ in the middle for a lunchtime outing and booked some wine to go with it. We brought our own meat and salad and the BBQ Bouy guys provided all the plates cutlery napkins etc. Even a Bluetooth speaker. They explained the operation and safety briefing and we had two hours out on the river. It’s not difficult to use at all and we took our time, had a BBQ and cruised up and down the river sipping on some lovely beverages. It was a great 2 hours with a lot of fun and something different to do when in Adelaide. Would highly recommend this activity you will have a great afternoon/evening. Thank you guys we had a great experience.”

    Colin M
    Sydney Australia

  • Great way to spend 2 hours

    “We had been looking forward to our river experience since booking in December and we can honestly say the experience exceeded our expectations. The Riverbank scenery was a highlight and we will definitely be returning in the near future. We would have no hesitation in recommending BBQ buoys to my friends.”

    Peter L
    Adelaide Australia

  • What a fantastic attraction for Adelaide.

    “What a fantastic attraction for Adelaide. My wife and I were given this 2 hour bbq boat hire by our daughter as a Christmas gift, and used it on Valentine’s Day. The people that run it are happy, keen to explain your adventure and most of all nice and polite. We ordered drinks with them and received what we asked for in a esky and with ice. Guarantee this attraction 100% for relaxation and total enjoyment. Thankyou BBQ buoy for a great time”

    Adelaide Australia

  • Adelaide River Torrens highlight

    Such a great experience! I would highly recommend BBQ Buoys. We floated down the river for two hours taking in the beautiful scenery, enjoying lunch with a few drinks. We chose to bring our own food and purchased the beverages from BBQ Buoys. The team were great and helpful in an induction on how to drive the buoy. Such a different, great activity for family, friends and is also child friendly.

    Adelaide Australia




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