About BBQ Buoys
BBQ Buoys is a BBQ + boating + party + fun experience company. BBQ Buoys brings the best of our Aussie lifestyle. Rent a donut-shaped boat with a BBQ on board where you can grill your own lunch! There’s a giant sun umbrella on board too. Just add drinks and nibbles and up to 10 of your friends and it equates to everyone having a brilliant time on the most picturesque city river in the country.
Our story
BBQ Buoys is what happens when two adventurous people live and work across three continents and eventually choose Adelaide, South Australia, as the place they want to live. We know what it’s like to chase the Sun and have some fun.

When we saw the original BBQ-Donut boat in Germany, we knew Australia would love it. What’s not to love? Floating about on a river relaxing and eating with your friends and family.

BBQ Buoys was created so that we can do something we love, and bring the latest water leisure craze to Adelaide.
Our team

Founder, Managing Director
Martin was made for leisure, he even studied it at university. Service management and destination marketing were his favourite bits. After working for more than 7 years in the travel technology industry, he knows a few things about tourism. As a Key Account Manager for a global tourism distribution company and for Europe’s leading hotel portal HRS, Martin established relationships with tour operators, online travel agencies and hotel chains.

Martin rarely stands still. When he is not giving your BBQ Buoys briefing at Pinky Flat, you’ll find him on his bike or playing beach volleyball. And even when he is standing still he’ll be thinking about new ways to make your BBQ Buoys experience even better.

Contact Martin for partnership requests and business development.

Founder, Director Strategy & Finance
Andrea knows how to bring business, finance and fun together. She studied international trade in Mexico and holds an MBA in International Finance from Barcelona, Spain. Andrea worked with large logistics companies managing global clients, including Ford of Europe. These days she mixes her own boutique management consulting business with her role at BBQ Buoys.

If all that sounds a bit too indoors for you, there’s a good chance you’ll find her on a bike ride in the Adelaide Parklands, always looking for a new leisure experience that our BBQ Buoys customers might enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll find her at our BBQ Buoys hire station at Pinky Flat.

Contact Andrea for all BBQ Buoys finance, legal and administrative matters.